Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Alana Mitchell Skincare?

“I am all about results focused products. Delivering options that are skin safe, effective, and backed by 12 years of experience!” – Alana Mitchell

Alana Mitchell Skincare is the newest and most exciting venture for Medical Esthetician, Day Spa Owner, and Mother of two Alana Mitchell, who took her 12 years as a skin care professional and channeled it into launching a line of products she could be proud of. Tested every step of the way by Alana herself, the goal of Alana Mitchell Skincare products is to deliver beautiful results and healthy skin. Read more to learn all about the Alana Mitchell difference!

A Few Of The Reasons You Should Buy From Us:

All Alana Mitchell Skincare products are proudly made with ingredients hand-selected by Alana. And of course, with that, she wanted to make her ingredients labels easy to understand. Whether the ingredient is black and white, or a little more difficult to pronounce, Alana is proud to offer 100% transparency, even going so far as to explain the purpose of each ingredient in her skincare products.

Alana also aims to deliver the most safe and effective amounts of featured ingredients in each product. Meaning her Vitamin C can be found in the first three ingredients of her Vitamin C Moisturizer, while many other brands have it listed as one of their last. Most importantly, all Alana Mitchell Skincare products are carefully tested and tweaked by Alana through every step of the process, ensuring you are receiving a product that meets the standards of the creator (a medical esthetician and esthetician to many celebrities) herself!

Live Esthetician Help

When you call, email, or live chat you are talking to a medical esthetician that was hired and trained by Alana herself.

These amazing estheticians have had at least two years’ experience in the medical spa field, advanced ingredient and product knowledge, and professional treatment training.

Don’t be surprised if Alana answers; she jumps in to keep in touch and provide the same quality of customized advice as when she started almost ten years ago!