Drop Shipping Alana Mitchell

Alana Mitchell is thrilled to announce its brand new drop shipping program!

Step 1: In order to Drop Ship, you will need a wholesale account set up. Click here to set up a wholesale account. If you already have a wholesale account set up, please go to Step 2

Step 2: Once you have an Alana Mitchell Wholesale Account, you will be able to place orders at wholesale pricing and start drop shipping to your clients! For more information on how to drop ship to your clients, go to the FAQ drop shipping page.

Alana Mitchell makes affordable luxury skincare for busy, warm-hearted superwomen who want to feel like their lovely selves when they look in the mirror. With exceptionally clean ingredients and plenty of TLC, we take care of the women who take care of everyone else so that they glow from the inside out.

How it Works!

Drop Ship definition- An order fulfillment method that does not require a business (Esthetician, Spa, Store, etc.) to keep products-in-stock. Instead, you sell the retail product to your customer and pass on the sales order to a third-party supplier (AlanaMitchell.com). AlanaMitchell.com then ships the order to the customer.

Step 1) Collect payment from your client for Alana Mitchell products.
You, the business, collects the retail sell! The client is purchasing directly from you.

* Note you may want to charge the client $4.95 for the cost of shipping. It is your choice however you want to handle shipping costs.

Step 2) Collect your client's US shipping address. AlanaMitchell.com drop ships using the United States Postal Service.

Step 3) Go to https://alanamitchell.com/pages/alana-mitchell-drop-shipping
and log into your wholesale account

Step 4) Add items to your cart.
The cart can only ship to one address per transaction.
*You must create another transaction for every address/customer order.

Step 5) Use your wholesale discount code at checkout.

Example of a drop shipping scenario:

  1. Professional calls her client to discuss her skincare progress and determine what products she needs to use at home.
  2. The client then pays you, the professional for the retail price of those products plus an additional $4.95 to have the products shipped directly to the client.
  3. Next, you, the professional, go to https://alanamitchell.com/ and purchases those products using her wholesale discount code. You, the professional, will input the client's shipping address for products to be sent directly to the client.
  4. The professional's profit is the retail price the client paid her minus the wholesale price the professional paid on the website.