I believe my brand is the missing element in today's skincare world. I have seen so many products come and go, and have tried countless products. I see, hear, and feel what's missing. That is, a product line that: meets various consumers' needs, uses no-fluff ingredients, is results driven, and is education focused and unbiased. Basically, a brand that tries to help you find what's best for you (whether it comes from my product range, or another range altogether)." - Alana Mitchell, Founder of Alana Mitchell Skincare and SkinCare by Alana.

The Alana Mitchell Philosophy

Alana’s philosophy is simple, she believes that the overall skin care application and treatment process should be easy to understand. She believes that the process should be simple enough so that users are not left with questions about what they’re putting on their skin and what it’s doing to their skin. She also believes in using only the highest quality ingredients, choosing natural and organic when possible. Alana has worked hard to develop the perfect skin-safe balance of natural, organic, and scientific ingredients. 

Alana’s quest for understanding and knowledge, combined with her fascination about what goes into beauty care products has inspired her to commit to only using both safe and effective ingredients when creating her namesake products.

Alana’s philosophy is to create products that she feels good about and that both she and her clients will feel good about using.

Our History

Birthed from the desire to provide only the best, top-of-the-line, personalized, hands-on skin care experience, Skin Care by Alana was formed from very humble beginnings. With the space of a 70 square foot room and a laptop computer, Alana began her business with the expectations to meet the needs of her clients, and of those yet to come. With an initial desire to launch an online day spa - which was seemingly impossible at the time, Alana has been able to exceed her plans and expectations some 10 years later – providing beauty care and treatment products to thousands of clients worldwide.  Alana’s business continues to grow organically as a privately owned, hands-on, skin care company.

About Alana Mitchell & Her Product Line’s Beginnings.

With her current experience and upbringing in the beauty industry, it was almost inevitable that Alana would start her own skin care line. It was in her genes – her parents owned their own hair salon and beauty supply business. Showered with blessings, Alana now owns and operates a successful business, is happily married to a supportive and loving husband, and has two wonderful boys. However, this did not come without Alana experiencing some of life’s challenges. She is a mother to a son with autism and has had to learn to balance work and personal life, just as she's had to learn to balance the right ingredients for the perfect skin care products.

When the beauty industry took a shift to skincare from the hair care sector, mainly as a result of the baby boomers seeking out solutions to maintain their “fountain of youth,” Alana’s inner esthetician begin to kick in and blossom – she naturally and organically gravitated to the skin care industry. She was motivated even more so by her observation of misleading ingredients that were associated with beauty care products in conjunction with numerous false claims. This compelled Alana to launch her own product line, where she could make honest, educated contributions to the industry.

Alana still possesses the same goals that she had when she first launched her business: to educate and empower customers.  This would allow them to make more informed decisions about the best choice for selecting their individual skin care products, based on each of their individual skin care needs, not those of someone else. She encourages others to focus on the quality of the product and its outcomes, rather than spending money on the high marketing and advertising costs.
You can count on finding reliable products from a trusted source when you purchase skin care products from Alana.