Alana's Celebrity Beauty Guide - Secrets From Your 14 Favorite Movie Stars


Cameron Diaz:

Actress, Author, and so much more, Cameron Diaz knows how to keep her skin in tip top shape!

Known for her many different roles in movies, Cameron Diaz, now also the author of two fabulous books, continues to age gracefully.

One of her secrets? Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil!

Diaz shared her love for this fabulous product in her “Guide to Summer: Inside my Beach Bag”, where she wrote “a drop goes a long way to relieve any dryness in your skin from the sun and water. A drop on each cheek after your shower will do wonders.”

And I could not agree more! Hailing from one of my favorite skin care lines, Eminence’s Facial Recovery Oil is made of precious herbs and nourishing oils that tone, hydrate, and soothe both sensitive and aging skin.

Bonus: it can totally be used by all skin types! And has won many awards.

Alana Mitchell:

Celebrity Medical Esthetician and Founder of Alana Mitchell Skincare and SkinCare by Alana.

Growing up in the Beauty Industry, Alana Mitchell fell in love with skincare at a very young age.

As a business owner, skincare aficionado, esthetician, and consumer, Alana saw, felt, and heard what was missing in the skincare arena, and set forth to create a line of her own.

One of her very first products? Her Alana Mitchell Daily Vitamin C. Click here to check it out!

Moisturizer, which Mitchell created for all skin types, especially dry, combo, and sensitive skin.

This fabulous Vitamin C product uses 20% Vitamin C and 15% Hyaluronic Acid to bind moisture to the skin and deliver hydrating, anti-aging, and rejuvenating results.

The formula is proudly artificial fragrance and paraben free, and is gentle enough to be used on rosacea, eczema, and sensitive skin!

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Nicole Kidman:

Incredible talent, classic beauty, and a flawless complexion.

Fabulous actress and mother of four Nicole Kidman is known for her incredible talent, beauty, and her philanthropy.

And of course, her skin is still porcelain perfect well into her 40’s!

So, how does she do it? Nicole always applies sunscreen when going outside, and according to New Beauty Magazine, one of her favorite brands is Dermalogica!

Going beyond the fair-skinned Beauty’s Complexion is the fact that sunscreen helps to dramatically slow down the aging process. That’s right, folks! Sun block is a major power player in the anti-aging industry, and is a go-to product for many of the stars.

Applying sunscreen on a daily basis can help prevent sun spots, wrinkles, sun burns, age spots, and most importantly: skin cancer. With all of the fabulous options available, there is no excuse for avoiding SPF!


Sofia Vergara:

The natural beauty who loves Glo Minerals!

There is no disputing that Sofia Vergara is hot, hot, hot!

And while yes, much of that is due to fabulous genetics, the statuesque beauty dished on some of her top beauty secrets to the ever-entertaining: PEOPLE Magazine.

Of course, we here at SkinCare by Alana were ecstatic to learn that she is an avid GloMinerals user!

Her preferred product? GloMinerals Pressed Base in Honey Dark.

This fabulous product has been known for its flawless, semi-matte coverage, and is fortified with an exclusive antioxidant blend of Vitamins A, C, E, and green tea extract.

This is a definite essential for those who want a comfortable matte finish!


Megan Fox:

The Transformers beauty who doesn’t seem to age!

Megan Fox is known for both her acting talent and incredible beauty.

And even with her new role in motherhood, Megan simply glows and continues to look stunning.

For this, she can partially thank her gene pool, and Epicuren Discovery’s Bulgarian Rose Otto! A post on the Epicuren Facebook page revealed that Megan was a huge fan of the Bulgarian Rose Otto, and implements it into her skin regimen twice a day.

Epicuren’s Bulgarian Rose Otto contains a blend of natural ingredients that works to hydrate and nourish your skin without clogging your pores.

The result: beautiful, radiant, Megan Fox-like skin!

It has also been said that Megan is a fan of Epicuren’s After-Bath Moisturizer, which helps to deeply nourish and hydrate the body!


Katie Holmes:

The beautiful mom and actress who doesn’t seem to age!

In recent years we have become used to seeing Katie Holmes’ name

attached to (now-ex) husband, actor Tom Cruise.

But the gorgeous actress/mother has continued to carry herself with style and grace, and beautiful skin of course!

Now in her late 30’s, and mother to daughter Suri, we can only wonder what kind of new-age beauty secrets she has up her sleeve to keep such a youthful, natural glow.

Thanks to an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine, we no longer have to wonder! One of her secrets?  Dermalogica Moisturizers and Masques!

Homles says “I use all of their moisturizers and masks. I’m into doing masks.” For 25 years, Dermalogica has been introducing products that deliver great results to the masses, with an array of masques that treat everything from dehydration, to acne, aging, and more!

Emily Deschanel:

Knows how to compliment one of her most-coveted features.

Well known for her role in hit TV show, Bones, Emily Deschanel is a wonderful actress and mommy! And is known for her stunningly blue eyes.

Emily’s smoldering eyes are gorgeous on their own, but she has been reported to play them up with BLINC’s fabulous “Kiss Me” Mascara and Eyeliner.

BLINC’s mascara forms tiny, water-resistant “tubes” around her lashes, rather than painting them on, for a gorgeous, lengthened look that lasts all day and night.

BLINC’s Eyeliner helps to add a water resistant “layer of color” that contours your eyes. It is not a cosmetic paint, so it does not fade, smudge, run, or flake, which I personally think is fabulous.

I love the eyeliner for special occasions, and actually use the mascara myself on a daily basis!

Ryan Reynolds:

Actor, Father, and Husband to the gorgeous Blake Lively.


Say what you want about his acting savvy, Ryan Reynolds is one great looking man!

His secret? Preventative sun care, and I hear Reynolds is a fan of COOLA Organic Sun Care, a line that guarantees 70% organic ingredients and 90% natural inactives.

COOLA products take protection one step further than comparable sun care products, as they protect against long wave (UVA) and short wave (UVB) rays, keeping you safe from both sun burns and premature aging caused by sun damage.

COOLA offers various protection levels (SPF), scents, and tines, in order to cater to a wide range of skin types and requirements.

So take a hint from Ryan Reynolds, and check out what COOLA was to offer!

Lauren Conrad:

Reality TV star turned fashion, beauty, and lifestyle mogul.

Lauren Conrad is by far the best example of reality TV stardom gone RIGHT! Going from Laguna Beach teenager to building her very own fashion and beauty empire, Conrad has continued to shine bright.

One of her trademarks? A beach-bound glow that lasts year-round.

Lauren’s product of choice is one of my personal favorites, Eminence Organics’ Sun Defense Mineral Wand.

Coming in a variety of colors (from translucent, to natural, to bronze), this fabulous sunscreen brush delivers SPF 30 level protection that feels fabulous, makes your skin look amazing, and is easy to take with you on-the-go.

This product is water resistant, despite it being in powder form  and helps to block free radicals and pollution! Not to mention, it delivers the ultimate in convenience for throwing in your purse for reapplications.

Kim Cattrall:

Love or her hate her as Samantha on Sex and the City, there is no denying this Beauty makes aging look good!

It is hard to believe that Kim Cattrall , or as many of you know her, Samantha Jones, is making her way into her 60’s!

The Sex and the City star is still looking as stunning and vibrant as any thirty- something, which is definitely something to commend.

So, how does the timeless beauty do it? It was revealed in Daily Mail UK that the SATC actress loves Epicuren Discovery.

A huge fan of scrubs, Kim Cattrall is said to use their Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel once a week to even out her skin tone, which in return, allows her to look youthful and radiant both on the red carpet and off!

Many of my Beauty Mates know how much I support exfoliating - it is most definitely essential to radiant skin!

Tyra Banks:

Truly does it all, including aging gracefully!

Tyra Banks has truly built such a career.

Having experienced modeling, acting, being the host of her very own talk show, and even graduating from Harvard’s Business School, it’s safe to say Tyra Banks knows what she is talking about when it comes to keeping her skin looking great, and her makeup in place.

And her product of choice happens to be Model in a Bottle.

Also used and loved by Oprah, Model in a Bottle helps to keep makeup looking gorgeous and fresh from sunrise to sunset.

It was specifically designed to lock makeup in place and keep it looking  great, with a special blend of ingredients that help absorb excess oils on the skin, while adding moisture with aloe vera extract.

This wonderful mist does not clog pores, nor does it interfere with your SPF!

Jessica Biel:

Gorgeous, hilarious, and now a mommy to a beautiful baby boy!

Jessica Biel has proven her acting chops in both serious and funny roles - it is basically impossible not to love her.

And of course, women worldwide have been anxious to get in on her skincare secrets. So, what is one of her products of choice?

Jessica absolutely loves a host of GM Collin products, stating, “I’ve been using GM Collin products ever since I went to Australia to shoot a film... I had been using a really thick moisturizer, but it was so humid and hot there that it was blocking my pores.

So I went to a dermatologist and had a facial, and they recommended GM Collin. I use the deep cleansing scrub, eye cream, night moisturizer, Aquamucine Cream SPF 15, and under-eye gel, which is really hydrating. It’s been a great discovery.”


Alicia Keys:

This singer, song-writer, and mom has seriously beautiful skin!

Singer/Songwriter Alicia Keys has been proving her vocal skills for many years.

And of course we can’t help but notice her extraordinary beauty as well!

The new mom was given a facial by Eminence Organics using their fabulous Age Corrective products. Alicia was very satisfied and is now a fan!

The collection includes: the Monoi Age Corrective Night Body Cream, Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream for Face & Neck, and Lavender Age Corrective Night Eye Cream.

True to Eminence Organics’ quality, their latest age repair collection is made with the finest quality in organic ingredients; free from parabens and harmful chemicals.

Fabulous choice, Alicia!!


Rachel Zoe:

This multi-talented beauty loves this FAB multi-tasker!

Fashion Designer turned author and fashion beauty blog guru, Rachel Zoe made a name for herself as a freelance stylist to the stars.

The pint-sized beauty is also known for her fierce beauty, even in her 40’s! Zoe’s secret? A buzzed about product titled simply: Egyptian Magic.

This all-purpose skin cream can be used on acne, cuts, eyes, and even hair!

I realize this concept of one-stop shopping with such an unknown product sounds like a scam, and I thought the same thing when I first heard of it. But after seeing the results first-hand, I was convinced.

Rachel Zoe jumped on the Egyptian Magic bandwagon a few years back (or maybe she even started the craze, I don’t know for sure).

And of course, being the queen of staying on-trend, this product turned out to be a huge hit!

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