5 Skincare Tips for Moms by Celebrity Esthetician Alana Mitchell


Alana Mitchell’s skincare tips for fellow mommies

1. Yes, wash your face morning and night, even though you don’t have time for it! I know, I know, there aren’t enough hours in the day! But this is one skin care tip you will definitely want to make non-negotiable.

2. You must wear sunscreen EVERY. DAY. Keep a travel size with you at all times. I always take one along in my bag.

3. What mom doesn’t love a quickie? I’m talking about quick-and-easy products that keep you looking beautiful on-the-go! Tinted sunscreen, mascara, and lip gloss are some of my favorite everyday essentials.

4. If you’re wondering if you should be using an eye cream, it is definitely time to start using an eye cream. This is a definite essential! I started rocking eye creams at 20, and my eyes thank me today.

5. Water, Water, Water. A lot of the lines you see around your eyes are very superficial - and can be caused by simple dehydration. The bottom line: Stay hydrated!

Busy Mom and Celebrity Esthetician Alana Mitchell is all about healthy skin. Her new line features products she lovingly created to achieve just that!

Is there a mom who hasn’t wondered if skipping over certain skin care steps would be okay?

“The whole idea is to keep your skin healthy. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that really starts with a good routine and quality skin care products,” says Alana Mitchell, “When I created my skin care line, having products that were easy-to-use and effective were definite priorities. And being ingredients obsessed, it only made sense to use the very best in both scientific and natural/organic products when creating my own line.”

This line is not just for moms like Alana. “My skin care products are for everyone!” she says. “They can be used by moms, career women, single gals. My line is about so much more than just the appearance of your skin, it is about boosting and maintaining skin health, and feeling confident about the ingredients you are putting on your skin.

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A seasoned veteran in the skin care industry, Alana’s online store, skincarebyalana.com, was voted as the spot to shop for “Good-For- You Skin Care” in InStyle’s Best of the Web 2010 awards. She has also enjoyed a handful of celebrity clientele, including the beautiful Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. “I buy all of my Epicuren products from skincarebyalana.com!” Glanville says, “I love everything about Alana’s company, from the expert customer service, to the affordable shipping, to the fast delivery. SkinCare by Alana is truly amazing!”

Alana currently offers three namesake products. Her Foaming Pumpkin Cleanser is the only foaming pumpkin cleanser on the market, made without any artificial ingredients or parabens. Her Moisture Boost Serum is the perfect option for dry, combo, and even sensitive skin types, delivering a hydrating yet lightweight boost of moisture to the skin. And her Daily Vitamin C Moisturizer uses a unique, shelf stable Vitamin C (at 20% concentration) to hydrate and boost skin health on dry, combo, and sensitive skin.


No stranger to being mistaken as younger than her actual age, Alana is a living, walking spokeswoman for how beautiful healthy skin can be. Her daily makeup consists of her favorite tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a lip gloss, which really allows her natural beauty to shine through. Focusing on maintaining healthy skin, rather than covering up with various makeup products, is her formula to confidence, and beautiful skin as you age.


“One of the biggest mistakes women make is thinking they can ‘cover it up now, and take care of it later’.” Alana says. “While covering up a problem may look good today, the only way to truly beautify your skin and boost skin health is to take the steps to care for it. I like to think of my skin care routine as an investment. An added bonus? It often doubles as ‘me time’.”

After growing up in the skin care industry (seriously, her daycare was a day spa), Alana went on to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, followed by an Esthetician License.

“Skin care has always been a huge part of my life! I grew up in a day spa, and I absolutely loved it. So it seemed only natural to open up my own.” Says Alana.

A business owner, mommy to two, and skin care expert, Alana is also a devoted wife to husband and business partner, Jared Mitchell.

“I started my business on a laptop, in a 70 square foot room. To watch it grow so tremendously, and to now have my own line of products that I love and am proud of, is a dream come true,” She says. “My line is all about ingredient transparency and results, and I cannot wait to come out with more! I am so grateful for my beautiful clients, who have supported me in my journey and continue to inspire me.”

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