10 Super Practical Beauty Tips You Probably Have Not Thought Of Before!


10 Super Practical Beauty Tips You Probably Have Not Though of Before: From Esthetician & Mom of Two Alana Mitchell

1. Yes, You Really Do Need to be Cleansing Both AM & PM.

This one can be especially difficult to follow at night - when you are so tired and want nothing more than to hit the pillow. But cleansing AM and PM is key to skin health, which is key to keeping your skin looking younger, longer.

I recommend cleansing once in the AM and twice at night. And no, makeup remover wipes do not count as cleansing!!


2. Moisturize Before Your Makeup & Makeup Primer

So many people avoid moisturizing in the AM, for fear of it ruining their makeup application!

I want to challenge this notion by recommending you apply your moisturizer 5 minutes before your makeup and makeup primer.

Your moisturizer in combination with your primer will help to fill and plump any fine lines or dehydration on your skin.

Quick Tip: Pat and roll your primer onto your skin, starting with trouble areas such as under eyes, around the mouth, and on your forehead.


3. ALWAYS have a good eye cream in your arsenal.

As a busy mother, I know how easy it is to get a few hours less sleep than you expected.

Whether you were up throughout the night with your newborn, helping with a school assignment for your kiddo, or simply had a little trouble catching an adequate amount of sleep, this is going to be your best friend.

Quick Tip: Look for an eye cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides, or Vitamin C for a quick, plumping, and long-term anti-aging results.

4. Keep Your Everyday Makeup Simple.

My three everyday staples are: mascara, lipgloss, and a good tinted sunscreen.

Mascara is a great way to make your eyes appear more awake (and of course, who doesn't love longer lashes?), lipgloss is a quick and easy way to add color and dimension to your lips (my favorite formula also happens to be incredibly moisturizing), and tinted moisturize helps to even out your skin tone while delivering a layer of sun protection.

For days when you feel you need a little extra help, keeping a concealer on hand definitely helps! But these three are a must for any mom's makeup kit.

Quick Tip: Don't forget to bring your tinted sunscreen along for reapplication throughout the day!


5. Find Your Perfect Shade of Foundation, BB Cream or Tinted SPF

Finding your perfect shade can often seem daunting.

Formulas that deliver lightweight coverage in more "broad shade" ranges (such as tinted SPF's that come in light, medium, and dark, tend to be the most forgiving.

If you are going for a full coverage foundation, match your foundation to your jawline, so as to avoid an obvious color different from face-to-neck.

Quick Tip: Keep in mind that it is better for your foundation to be a little bit more on the lighter side than the darker side.

6. Touch Up Your SPF On-the-Go

I never leave home without some form of SPF for easy reapplication.

It is really a matter of what is going to be easy for you to tote around, and what you are actually going to reapply.

I love spray sunscreen for easy body application (while they aren't the most space-friendly option in the diaper bag, they are surprisingly lightweight) and a powdered SPF brush for easy facial reapplication.

Quick Tip: Always keep a travel size SPF in your purse. I enjoy using cream and spray formulas for my body, and a powder SPF brush for my face.


7. Do the "Pat & Roll", Not the Swipe!

Smearing or swiping on your tinted sunscreen or foundation might seem like the perfect solution for covering up imperfections, but it can actually emphasize your fine lines!

When you pat and roll your sunscreen on, it allows your product to rest on top of the line, rather than settling into them!

Quick Tip: If your fingers aren't doing the trick, try a damp makeup sponge.


8. Please, Do Not Use Toilet Paper or Paper Towels on Your Face!

While they may seem to be a convenient option, they have small wood fibers that can cause very small tears in your skin.

These microscopic tears can cause pre-mature aging.

Quick Tip: Reach for q-tips, cotton pads, or kleenex to wipe away any makeup mess ups, or to blot your skin.

9. Don't Miss Out on Exfoliation.

I know way too many mama-bears who skip the exfoliation because it takes an extra chunk of time out of their day. And I totally hear you, as a fellow mom!

But this is one skincare step you definitely do not want to miss out on. Exfoliating your skin helps to keep it looking fresh, young, and healthy.

It also happens to boost the efficacy of your follow up products (like serums, moisturizers, etc.).

Quick Tip: Add a pea size amount of scrub to your cleanser when you wash your face at night.

10. Healthy Living

So many people think skincare begins and ends with a good skincare routine - and while it is a huge component of healthy skin, it is NOT a deciding factor.

So often fine lines are the result of dehydration - they are superficial, and can become an actual problem over time. Staying hydrated helps to keep your body happy and your skin nourished (and plump).

Catching 8 hours of sleep is critical, as your skin does most of its healing and regenerating while you rest.

And of course, a healthy diet and exercise routine will leave you looking and feeling better as well!

Quick Tip: Infuse your water with fruit, for a healthy flavor kick!